What is Computational and Data Science?

cholesky_fillin_bisection_smallThe last decades have witnessed the rise of computer simulation and analysis as a key technolgy of the modern information society. Today, computer-based simulations and analyses are ubiquitous in science, industry, and society. There is no medicine, no aircraft, and no solar module that is designed without prior investigations by means of a computer. With the ever developing digitalization of the society (social networks or digital footprint), the increasing use of high resolution sensors (in the environment or the automotive industry), and computer simulations prediciting phenomena of interest on increasingly finer scales, we also observe the advent of massive data sets. Substantial progress in science, industry, and society will therefore more and more rely on the capability to use the computer for the analysis of large data and for the simultation of large-scale problems. The goal of this interdisciplinary degree program is to teach the fundamental methodological basis needed for computational and data-driven science in connection with a field of application such as neuroscience, biology, or geoscience. Thus, graduates will be prepared for the challenges in a rapidly changing professional world.

Characteristics at Jena: The solution of large-scale problems as well as the analysis of large data sets can only be managed using sophisticated algorithms and their efficient implementation on high-performance computers. Therefore, an integral part of this degree program consists of parallel computing in which multiple processing elements cooperatively solve the same problem at the same time.