Computational and Data Science:
A New Master's Programme for a New Scientific Discipline


Computational and data science (CDS) is a new, exciting and fast growing scientific discipline. It brings together complementary skills from computer science, mathematics, and statistics with core disciplines of science, engineering, technolgy and society. CDS enables progress in virtually all scientific disciplines by providing windows of discovery when traditional means of research and development reach their limits.

General goals of this degree program offered by the department of Mathematics and Computer Science are:

  • teaching of a methodological basis preparing for a professional career for the next decades
  • cooperation with other departments to provide depth and rigor in interdisciplinary areas
  • education that is accessible for students with varying background knowledge and skills

Students graduating from this master program have expertise in the following areas:

  • recognizing and solving tricky problems
  • simulation and analysis of complex systems arising from various application areas
  • organisation, exploration, visualization and processing of large data sets
  • collaborative development of parallel software
  • hands-on-experiences in using high-performance computers
Language of instruction: The program is currently taught in German.